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Overview of Al Omran Company

Overview of Al Omran Company

A1 Omran Real Estate Development Company is a Kuwait Stock Company Closed with a capital of KD 18.250.000 million. It is a result of the expansion and independence of the sector of real estate services and investment in the Kuwait Real Estate Company Closed (the Real Estate Company) and its emergence as independent entity in November 2006. this promising entity is considered an extension of a prolonged experience in the

field of the real estate services and investment that started in 1980. it presently embodies the real estate side of the parent company, the Kuwait Real Estate Company Closed.

The activity of A1 Omran Real Estate Company activity is focused on the real estate development and investment in the State of Kuwait, the countries of the region and other countries. It tries through its works to present distinctive real estate products and to get unique and distinctive investment chances while working to develop them according to studied scientific methods to achieve distinctive services to its customers and achieve high returns.

 It is committed in its activities by the instructions of the Islamic Sharea.


The Strategy of A1 Omran Company


The strategy of A1 Omran Company depends on focusing its efforts continuously on the development and varying its resources through creating different investment chances that achieve the maximum level of returns. In addition to what it provides of high quality real estate services depending on the extended experience in this field, and the permanent work to develop these services using the latest technology and scientific methods to be involved in real partnerships between the company and its customers.

For achieving this strategy, it determined some aimed basic sectdri by the company to provide competitive and supportive products that are:

The urban development and real estate investment.

Real estate services in different types.

The financial, marketing and structural services.

Participations and ownerships in the Kuwait and Gulf Companies.


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