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Our vision

A1 Omran Company presents a unique concept for development of projects as it is concerned that the projects, in addition to being individual, and having large financial returns, shall have developmental perspectives that shall be based on preserving the environment and effective participation in the processes of development of the infrastructure and the society in a way that supports observation of values and our original identity and to support society development.

Within the general objective of A1 Omran Company or Real Estate Development to guarantee application of work strategies therein, and to fulfill its general objectives that are based on presenting new vision in real estate investment and development in Kuwait and the region. The company believes that the human cadres are the basic element in this process, so, it was concerned with employment of specialized competent personnel with

high degree of qualification and having extended experience in the field of real estate services and development. These participated and still participate in administration and development of the works of the company and serving its customers.

A1 Omran Company gives much care for the job development for each one of the employees therein. In addition, it cares for maintaining interactive working environment that are motivating in order to make the work team spirit the common environment to achieve the best results.

With the effective role of the modem technologies in development of work and decreasing costs and in return maximizing the returns, A1 Omran Company pays special care for benefiting from all of the modern technologies of apparatuses, development of  certain programs in order to promote its services and to keep pace with the latest means in this field.


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